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Hacer Rocket Stove Portable Wood Mini Burning Chulha with Large Fuel Chamber Carry Bag Fire Poker & Safety Hand Gloves for Outdoor Cooking Camping Picnic - Set of 1

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  • COMPREHENSIVE SET: It comes with a range of accessories, including gloves, base bracket, hook, and mounting screws, facilitating easy assembly and usage.
  • LARGE FUEL CHAMBER: It accommodates ample wood for efficient and prolonged burning, minimizing the need for constant refueling during outdoor activities like camping or picnics.
  • PORTABLE DESIGN: It is compact and lightweight, equipped with a carry bag, making it convenient to transport and suitable for various outdoor cooking adventures.
  • ENHANCED EFFICIENCY: Its design maximizes heat output by concentrating combustion, providing swift and effective cooking while utilizing minimal wood fuel.
  • VERSATILE COOKING: It is suitable for diverse outdoor cooking needs, providing a reliable and sturdy platform for preparing meals during camping, picnics, or other outdoor activities.
The Portable Wood Mini Burning Chulha features a Rocket Stove design for efficient outdoor cooking. This set includes gloves, a base bracket, hook, and mounting screws for easy assembly. With a large fuel chamber and a carry bag for portability, it's suitable for camping and picnics, offering efficient heat output while using minimal wood fuel.

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