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HACER HT03 Air Bike Fitness Exercise Cardio Cycle 4Kg Flywheel Weight Full Body Workout with Speed-Time-Distance Monitor & Heart Rate Sensor for Home Gym

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  • ADVANCED METERING CAPABILITIES: The HACER Air Bike features an integrated meter providing real-time data on speed, heart rate, time, and distance covered during workouts. This allows users to track their progress and adjust their training regimen effectively.
  • ROBUST BUILD AND MATERIAL COMPOSITION: Crafted with a blend of steel and top-notch quality materials, the HACER Air Bike ensures durability and stability during intense workout sessions. The sturdy construction ensures a reliable fitness experience for users.
  • OPTIMIZED DESIGN FOR MAXIMUM COMFORT AND EFFICIENCY: This air bike is ergonomically designed to accommodate users of varying sizes. The 13'' 3PCS crank and 4kg flywheel weight ensure smooth and efficient operation, minimizing strain while maximizing workout effectiveness.
  • INFINITE TENSION LEVEL CONTROL FOR CUSTOMIZED WORKOUTS: The HACER Air Bike offers an infinitely variable control tension level system. This feature allows users to personalize their workout intensity, catering to beginners and experienced fitness enthusiasts alike.
  • ENHANCED CONSOLE FUNCTIONALITY: The console on this air bike presents a range of functions, including SCAN, TIME, SPD (speed), DST (distance), CAL (calories burned), and ODO (odometer). This comprehensive suite empowers users to monitor and manage their fitness metrics seamlessly.
The HACER Air Bike HT03 amalgamates technical precision with user-centric features, making it a suitable fitness companion for home or gym use. Its robust construction, coupled with advanced functionalities, ensures a rewarding and effective workout experience for fitness enthusiasts of all levels.

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