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Foldable Manual Mini Running Walking Jogging Machine Pad Treadmill for Home

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Why is This Awesome?

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  • Multiple Speeds
  • High Load-Bearing
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Sleek

Hacer Treadmills are your ultimate all-in-one essential for your home gym. Available in both running and walking options, with a maximum speed of 12km/hr, easy portability, and foldability, these are durable and adaptable to all your workout schedules. Made with durable steel, our treadmills are made to take on all that it takes to make your workout incredible. Easy on your budget, with options as per your liking, it is the perfect gym buddy.


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Workout Anytime Anywhere

Transform any space into your personal gym effortlessly. Unfold and instantly turn your surroundings into your workout zone. Jog in the comfort of your bedroom or walk while catching up on the newsfeed in your living room.


Bluetooth Enabled Speakers

Walk as you jam to your workout playlist or your favourite podcast, simply hear the news or go through your work meetings. Do it all as you jog.

Stay Connected on the Run

With an added stand for a phone or tablet, stay connected to the web and the world as you burn off those calories. Never miss a moment, be it a workout or fun.

Run, Jog, Walk

Different speed settings for different workout options. Choose how you use, whether it be intense running sessions or just a walk to warm up, this treadmill is made to take it all.

The Sleekest Treadmill

Pull it out, work out, put it back. Store it wherever you like. Portable, sleek and stylish, with Hacer you never go down on your style quotient or your workout routine!

How does it work?

Easy Breezy Setup. Just pump and go! Say goodbye to cumbersome assembly. Use an electric inflator or manual pump – your portable home is ready in no time.

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